Student funding for Chinese universities

Student funding for Chinese universities

Chinese universities have recently begun attracting many students from abroad. The trend began in the 1950s and the latest statistics show that there were close to 410000 students who studied in China at the end of the last decade. There were students from 125 countries and regions. There are academics, doctoral students, doctoral students, interns, researchers and students engaged in research coming to China. China is one of the attractive education centers. Infact shows statistics that China was the 10th most popular travel destination for US students who went abroad and third most popular nonwestern nation. However, foreign students can not be employed in China while studying. Therefore, students must be able to support themselves and arrange student funding before being enrolled in a Chinese university. If you are one of them, how are you going to get China university student funding? Read on.

The government helps students seeking economics to study in a Chinese university

Good news is that the Chinese government encourages its colleges and universities to expand scholarships and broaden scholarships and scholarships to foreign students and Chinas university student funding. They are also invited to cooperate with the private sector and provide attractive scholarships for foreign foreign students.

Already, the Chinese government has approved funding worth $ 362 million to approximately 350,000 students who want to study in Chinese universities since the introduction of subsidized loans since 1999. The state aid support is 50 percent of the interest rate government pays and the remainder is paid by the students together with principal.

However, the government acknowledges that the percentage of students actually receiving the loan is 31.2% which is low and the government would like to grow this figure. The main reason for the low proportion is that the private sector banks are not too keen to provide funding for students who want to study in Chinese universities, as the loans do not need to be backed up. Whether loans will be issued or not determined based on student credit ratings and the lack of collateral is dissuasive to provide funding. From now on, Peoples Bank of China has appointed four main commercial banks to finance Chinese students, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, the Agricultural Bank of China and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

Such funding systems that look at subsidizing interest payments are currently only available to Chinese students who are Chinese citizens and have approved the academic studies required

Im not Chinese, can I still get funding to study in a Chinese university or in China university student finance?

There are funding programs available for international students who want to study in a Chinese university. One of the popular sources the students use today is to go to China by enrolling in an exchange program at a university offering this option. Usually, there are a variety of university exchange programs where students from their university visit universities abroad and students from foreign universities come and study in their colleges. These systems exist not only for students who want to study, but also for students interested in internship and work in these countries.

The most important requirements for obtaining funding are creditworthiness, review of necessary tests and review of interviews and in some cases with collateral against the loan as well. But in the case of China, some universities also set the condition that students should have a working knowledge of Chinese or Mandarin to be eligible.

There is a growing number of American students who are now interested in studying in China, while the former was to have cultural exposure and most of the students were of Chinese origin born in American, the trend is changing now. More and more students come to China not only to gain cultural knowledge but also to promote their career professionally when they come home. As a result, commercial banks have also designed specialization funding programs with the needs of the students in mind and it is becoming increasingly easy for students to find such loans as Chinas universities become popular as an international travel destination.

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